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Oakmoss & Tobacco Goats Milk Soap


Oakmoss & Tobacco Goats Milk Soap


Fable bar soaps are made with rich and nourishing ingredients and contain the maximum possible percentage of pure goat's milk.  The unique high organic fat content ensures an exceptionally moisturizing product, while its chemical-free recipe makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Fragrance Note:
Our Oakmoss & Tobacco fragrance combines an enchanting fusion of herbs and amber with rich woody and musk bask notes.

      Top: Fresh, Herbal, Orange
      Middle: Rose, Oakmoss
      Base: Sandalwood, Blonde Woods, Amber, Musk, Tonka

Ingredient Highlight:
Goats Milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which helps remove dead skin cells for smoother, younger looking skin.  It also contains high levels of Vitamin A which repairs tissue, reduces lines and wrinkles, controls acne, and provides relief for psoriasis and eczema.  Goats milk contains important minerals such as selenium, which is believed to have an important role in preventing skin damage.

Goats Milk, Soy Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Italian Olive Oil, Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils.

How To Use:
Lather in your hands with lukewarm water, apply in circular motions to body.  Use with puff or cloth for exfoliating effect.  Rinse thoroughly.
*Keep out of eyes.

4oz product


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